Skip Bin Hire In Watsonia

At Aussie Bin Hire, we stand out from other skip bin providers in Watsonia. Here's why:

1. Commitment to Efficiency: Our experienced team ensures efficient handling of various waste materials, including soil, concrete bricks, and tree trunks.

2. Customer Satisfaction: We prioritise your satisfaction by delivering high-quality skip bin hire services with transparent pricing and no hidden fees.

Our Waste Categories

When it comes to waste disposal, we offer two main categories: light waste and heavy waste. The main difference is that our light waste skips have a weight limit. During the ordering process, we’ll make sure you have the skip type that suits your exact requirements. 

Light Waste

  • Maximum weight: 150 kg per cubic meter.
  • Includes household furniture, office goods, paper, plastic, and green garden waste.
  • Prohibited items: liquids, food waste, asbestos fibreglass, paints, aerosols, chemicals, and gas bottles.

Heavy Waste

  • No weight limit.
  • Suitable for larger items like demolition waste, timber, green waste, household furniture, paper, plastics, packaging, metal, aluminium, concrete, bricks, tiles, and rocks.

Get in touch with us to organise your skip or book online

If you need reliable skip bin hire services in Watsonia or anywhere in Melbourne, get hold of us now! You can book online, call us at 0416-662-792 to discuss requirements, or send an email to info@aussiebinhire.com.au