Unbeatable Skip Bin Hire Services in Mernda

Choose Aussie Bin Hire for dependable and efficient skip bin hire services in Mernda, ensuring a seamless waste removal process from start to finish. As a family-owned and operated local business, we're dedicated to providing eco-friendly waste disposal solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

What Sets Aussie Bin Hire Apart?

Our professional team is committed to delivering streamlined waste management services that prioritise the environment. We offer a comprehensive range of skip bin types and sizes to accommodate diverse customer needs. With Aussie Bin Hire, you can count on transparency as we'll assist you in finding the perfect skip bin size for your specific requirements.

Experience a hassle-free journey from obtaining your instant quote to the collection of your filled skip bin.

Light Waste vs. Heavy Waste

When choosing a waste bin for your disposal needs, it's essential to know the differences between light waste and heavy waste bins.

Light waste bins are suitable for items weighing no more than 150kg per cubic metre, such as household furniture, office goods, electrical items, paper, plastic, garden waste, toys, and clothing. However, these bins cannot be used for liquids, food waste, asbestos, fibreglass, paints, aerosols, chemicals, gas bottles, concrete, soil, bricks, tiles, hardwood timber, or large tree trunks.

On the other hand, heavy waste bins have no weight limit, making them perfect for demolition waste, timber, green waste, metal, aluminium, concrete, bricks, tiles, and rocks. Like light waste bins, heavy waste bins also prohibit liquids, food waste, asbestos, fibreglass, paints, aerosols, chemicals, gas bottles, and large tree trunks.

Remember to check with your provider, as not all offer unlimited weight for heavy waste bins. Choose the right bin for your waste disposal needs and ensure a smooth, eco-friendly process.

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