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Green Waste Removal Melbourne

Are you in need of green waste rubbish removal in Melbourne? Aussie Bin Hire is here to help you.

At Aussie Bin hire, we offer convenient solutions for all your green waste removal needs throughout Melbourne. We collect small tree trunks, shrubs, bushes, leaves, dried leaves and bark from your property and dispose of it for you.

What is green waste rubbish?

Green waste, or organic waste, forms a significant portion of the total waste produced in Australia – it’s biodegradable waste that consists of organic materials. This waste is broken down through natural processes and can turn into compost, which can then also be turned into fertilisers.

Unfortunately, it’s a common misconception that disposing of green waste carefully isn’t important, seeing as it’s biodegradable. However, green waste actually requires proper attention and disposal in order to not harm the environment.


What falls in the category of green waste rubbish?

In Australia, green waste includes mostly garden and food waste, as well as some other kinds of organic waste. The following materials are considered to be green waste:

  • Domestic and commercial food waste
  • Shrubs and yard clippings
  • Grass and flower cuttings
  • Fallen leaves and branches
  • Weeds
  • Bark
  • Hedge trimmings


Why is proper removal of green waste in Melbourne important?

  • Dumping garden waste can increase the chances or risk of fire as the dried waste can catch fire easily and act as fuel.
  • Green waste that is incorrectly disposed of can also lead to the release of methane gas into the environment - this gas is one of the primary factors responsible for global warming.
  • Green waste, if not removed properly, can also hinder the water drainage system.
  • Food waste, if not removed properly, can clog up sinks and garden waste can clog drainage systems.

In short, improper disposal of green waste can not only cause inconvenience and be heavy on your pockets but also harm the environment – this is why it is important to dispose of it responsibly.


Why trust Aussie Bin Hire with your green waste rubbish removal needs in Melbourne?

At Aussie Bin Hire, we offer skip bins for green waste removal at best prices right across Melbourne. Our services are trusted, friendly and reliable as we strive to offer 100% customer satisfaction.

You can also come to us for efficient and dependable soil waste removal, concrete waste removal and other waste types. In case you are confused about the size of bins you require, we can assist you with finding the right one for you.

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