Skip Bin Hire Brunswick

Aussie Bin Hire is your bin hire solution! We offer high-quality skip bin hire services in Brunswick and throughout Melbourne with no hidden fees, and we guarantee next-day delivery of your skip. Our goal is to provide an eco-friendly waste management solution for all types of residential, commercial, and industrial waste.

What makes us different from other skip bin companies?

Our team offers efficient ways to dispose of soil, concrete bricks, tree trunks, and other debris from properties. We also offer various bin sizes to fit our clients' specific needs. Unlike some companies that push clients to purchase larger bins, we help you choose the right size that suits your requirements.

Waste categories

When it comes to waste disposal, there are two main categories: light and heavy waste. We offer skip options for both types of waste and can advise you on which will be best for you. Read more about the two waste categories below.

Light waste

Light waste must weigh less than 150 kg per cubic metre. It includes items like household furniture, office goods, paper, plastic, and green garden waste. However, there are certain items that are prohibited in light waste bins including liquids, food waste, asbestos fibreglass, paints, aerosols, chemicals, gas bottles, and several other categories of waste.

Heavy waste

Heavy waste has no weight limit. Heavy waste bins are typically used for larger items like demolition waste, timber, green waste, household furniture, paper, plastics, packaging, metal, aluminium, concrete, bricks, tiles, and rocks. However, certain items are still prohibited. When you order your skip, we’ll go through this list with you. Regardless of the type of bin you need, you can trust Aussie Bin Hire for a quick and successful removal process.

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