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Are you worried about an excess of green waste filling up your garden waste wheelie bin? Let us help you then!

Green Waste Removal aussie bin hire

In Melbourne, many councils give people special bins for their garden waste. But if you’re doing a big gardening job or your area doesn’t have these bins, you need other ways to get rid of your green waste. That’s where we can help! We’re here to take care of your green waste problems, whether you have too much garden rubbish or no bin from the council.

We don’t just collect your waste – we find the best solution for you. Whether it means sending our special trucks to pick up your green waste or giving you your own bin, we’re here to make things easy for you. Let us handle your green waste so you can enjoy your garden without any worries!

Our team in Melbourne knows all about getting rid of waste! We can help with picking up green waste, hiring skip bins, and collecting hard rubbish. Just give us a shout, and we’ll find the perfect solution for you.

How to Book Us to Get Rid Of Green Waste Removal?

We make getting rid of your green waste easy. Just follow three simple steps, and we’ll take care of the rest, using your waste in a good way to help our environment.

Step 1: Book Your Pickup

Call us to schedule a time for us to pick up your waste. We’ll ask a few questions to understand what we need to do.

Step 2: We Collect Your Waste

At the scheduled time, we’ll come to your place and take away your green waste.

Step 3: Waste Gets Sorted and Treated

We take your green waste to our special facility. There, we carefully separate things we can recycle from the rest. The recyclable stuff gets sent for more processing, while the organic waste turns into compost that’s full of nutrients. This way, we don’t just throw away your waste, we make sure it helps the environment in a good way.


What is the estimated cost for the removal of green waste?

Removing green waste can cost different amounts. It depends on how much waste there is, where you are, and what you need. We have fair prices that match what you need. If you want to know how much it will cost to remove your green waste, just tell us how much there is and what kind it is. We’ll give you a price that’s clear and competitive.

What types of green waste do you remove?

We’re good at clearing away different types of garden waste to keep your outdoor areas clean and neat. We take care of everything from small stuff like grass clippings to bigger things like hedge trimmings and branches.

Our services also include collecting leaves, tidying up bushes, and clearing away any other garden mess. No matter what kind of green waste you have, we have the skills and tools to get rid of it quickly and make your surroundings look fresh and tidy again.

Can I throw food leftovers in the green bin?

Yes, In a green waste bin, you can put certain types of food waste that come from plants or fruits and veggies. This includes things like peels from fruits and veggies, coffee grounds, and leftovers from your plate, but only small amounts. 

But, it’s really important not to toss in any meat, dairy, or other foods that come from animals. These things can start to smell bad and attract bugs and other pests. So, keep those out to keep your green bin working well and smelling fresh.

What is not suitable for green waste collection?

When you’re tidying up your garden, remember that not everything can go in the green waste collection. You can’t toss things like plastic plant pots, rocks, bricks, stones, gravel, construction rubble, glass, metal, or mini greenhouses into the green waste bin. 

But don’t worry! If you need to get rid of these types of items, we’ve got you covered. We also helps with removing hard rubbish. If you’re not sure which service you need, or if you think you might need both, just get in touch with us. We’re here to help you figure out the best way to handle your rubbish removal.

What happens with green waste once it’s collected?

We care about keeping our planet healthy, so we work hard to make sure all our services are eco-friendly. This is true for how we handle both hard rubbish and green waste.

Here’s how we take care of your green waste:

  1. Pickup: Our team comes to your place and makes sure that only green waste, like grass clippings and leaves, is being thrown away. No trash allowed!
  2. Moving: We take your green waste to a special place where we can deal with it properly, without making a big mess.
  3. Sorting: At our place, we separate out anything that’s not supposed to be in there, like plastic or metal.
  4. Cleaning: We heat up the waste to a high temperature to kill any bad stuff that might be in there. This also helps to start turning the waste into compost.
  5. Composting: After cleaning, we let the waste sit for a while in a special place. It’s warm and cozy there, which helps it turn into nutrient-rich compost that’s good for plants.
  6. Giving Back: Once it’s turned into compost, we don’t just throw it away. Instead, we give it to farmers and gardeners who can use it to help their plants grow. It’s like giving the soil a tasty treat!

By following these steps, we make sure your green waste doesn’t end up harming the environment. Instead, it gets transformed into something useful that helps new plants and trees grow big and strong.

Why is it important to throw away green waste on its own?

When we don’t handle green waste properly, it can cause problems for the environment. Here’s why:

  1. Landfills get filled up fast: Landfills have limited space, and when we throw green waste in with other trash, it fills up quicker. This means we run out of space for all kinds of waste sooner. By keeping green waste separate, we can make our landfills last longer.
  2. Bad gases from rotting stuff: When green waste breaks down in landfills, it lets out gases like methane. Methane is really bad because it traps heat in the atmosphere, making global warming worse. It can also catch fire, which is dangerous. But if we handle green waste properly, we can stop these gases from causing harm.
  3. Using fewer chemicals: Farmers often use chemicals to kill weeds and bugs, which can be harmful to the environment. But when we turn green waste into useful stuff like mulch instead of letting it rot in landfills, we can give farmers a natural alternative. This means they can use fewer chemicals, which is better for the environment and our health.
  4. Get help from WM Waste: If you have green waste to get rid of, WM Waste can help. They can pick it up for you and make sure it’s disposed of in the right way. Plus, if you need to get rid of other kinds of waste like big stuff or skips, they can take care of that too.

So, by handling green waste properly and getting help from waste bin services, we can protect the environment and make sure we’re not causing any unnecessary harm.

Reach out to us, and we’ll set up a time to take away your garden waste. If you also need a skip or help getting rid of bulky items, we can help with that too.

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